Job Application
We are looking for someone who is available to do the below services. Check those that you are able to do.
Are you able to do; standing leg wraps, give oral medications, able to determine if a horse is lame or colicing?
Ability to lift 60 pounds as well as manual labor.

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30 Day Training Program

Ground work and/or Riding


Send your horse off for training to our 30 day training program. Our certified trainers will work with your horse our private facility. This full board program is recommend for horses who require more extensive training in order for progress to be made.

30 day training program is recommend for:

  • Starting Under Saddle

  • Colt Starting

  • Extreme Spooking-Confidence Building

  • Extreme Behavioral Issues / Aggression 

During the program our trainer will send daily updates with details on how your horse is doing as well as pictures and videos. We support the owners involvement during the training program, and are welcome to visit your horse at any time. At the end of the program there is a final evaluation where our trainer will have a training session with you and your horse to go over your horse's improvements, what they have learned and how you can continue to work with your horse. 

*You must supply feed, hay and any additional supplements and/or medications for your horse, if needed during the program. 

$1,200.00   30 days

currently unavailable