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Horse Transportation

Trailers USA Three Horse
Slant Load, Ramp Trailer
8" Height and 7' Feet Wide. All Aluminum.

Transport Fees

Private Hauling:
Pick up Fee: $95 -$150 (Price may vary by location)           
Rate:   Single horse...........$3.75 per mile.
             Two+ horses..........$4.50 per mile.

Group Hauling:
Pick up Fee: $60.00 each (Price may vary by location)  
Rate:   Two+ horses..........$1.95 per mile each

Emergency  Transport

Pick up Fee: $180 - $250 (Price may vary by location)     
Rate: $4.85 per mile from pick up to destination 
Text for quick response (407)-496-0088             

Live Video Surveillance


Waiting Fee: 

$50.00 first hour and $40.00 each additional hour or .65 cents per minute.

Difficult Loaders:

If your horse is a nervous or difficult loader who needs time to build up the confidence to load. We are able to patiently work with them, to get them loaded safely and calmly. *$35.00/hr for a horse who takes longer than 15 minutes to load.

Transportation Insurance and Disclaimer

**Must have copy of Coggins as required by the State of Florida

Rebecca's Equine Exercise Service, LLC carries General and Professional Liability Insurance which includes Non-Owned Horses Care Custody and Control. 

We are not responsible for conduct or acts of horses to themselves or each other, nor loss or damage arising from the condition of the animals themselves, or which results from their nature or propensities.

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