Horse Sitting 

While you are away we will provide your horse(s) the care they need so you don't have to worry. Schedule a free consultation today!


Daily Visits

Our pet sitters will travel to your home at the designated feeding times with arrival times between 7AM-6PM to care for your horse(s) as well as any indoor pets. 



Wellness Visit

Up to 30 mintues

This visit is designed for horses who require a short visit to take care of their needs. A stop by to turn in or free range horses who need checking in.

This service includes:

Wellness check 

Make up of feed and/or drop hay

Water check

Daily updates at Each Visit 

Photos of your pets.

$47.00 per visit


Standard Visit

Price per visit

This visit is designed for horses who require daily visits for feed, turn in/out & cleaning of stalls and/or pastures.
This service includes:
Make up of AM and/or PM feed
Cleaning and refill of all waters
Mucking stalls and/or paddocks 
Turn In & Turn Out
Fly Spray
Cleaning of areas worked; barn aisle/feed room.
Daily updates at Each Visit 
Photos of your pets. 

                 $12.00 each additional horse


$57.00   Base Rate up to Two Horses 


Indoor Pet Care

Add-On Extra Services 

In addition to caring for your horse(s) we also offer pet care for any of your indoor pets you may have; cats, dogs, birds, fish and more!

This is a per visit service, that is only applicable in addition to one of our Horse Sitting services. 

This service includes:



Play Time

As well as anything else your pet needs

$15.00   Flat Fee per visit


Overnight Service

Our sitters will stay overnight at your home. Arriving anytime between the hours of 4PM-6PM and staying until 8AM-10AM depending on your pet's care schedule. This service is a fully customized service tailored to fit your horse's and indoor pet's needs.*If you have more than four horses, you are subject to a surcharge


  • Morning feed and fresh water change 

  • Muck stall and/or paddock

  • Turn out horse(s)

  • Evening feed and water check

  • Administration of medications

  • Check mail 

  • Care for indoor plants

  • Cat/Dog Care

  • Trash Removal

  • Sheets washed and bed made

   *Guaranteed clean house & barn when you return

$160.00 per night

Daily Barn Operations 

Contracted Service Tailored to Fit Your Needs

6 Stall Barn
6 Stall Barn

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6 Stall Barn
6 Stall Barn

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8 Stall Barn
8 Stall Barn

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6 Stall Barn
6 Stall Barn

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In helping you with your daily needs our top priority is the proper care and maintenance of your horses. Whether working along side your current staff or with our team of horse care professionals at your disposal we are able to facilitate the day-to-day operations of running an efficient barn. 


Below are examples of duties we can perform:

  • Overseeing the general maintenance and upkeep of the barn.

  • Manage inventory and order supplies and feed.

  • Pasture rotation schedules.

  • Feeding Horses.

  • Stall and Pasture Cleaning.

  • Equine behavioral management techniques.

  • Knowledge of basic equine medical treatments and care.

We guarantee quality and worry free care for your horses!

Contact us today to see how we can help you and your facility.