Barn Maid


Base Price $40.00

Includes up to three stalls

Stall Cleaning Service

We know having a clean stall is more than just keeping things pleasant for you and your horse. Schedule weekly, bi-weekly or as often as needed to keep your barn looking and smelling fresh.

  • Flip Stalls

  • Picking Stalls

  • Sweeping

  • Replenish Shavings

  • Dumping waste

$10.00 each additional stall


Barn Touch Up

Any and all cleaning tasks, we can get it done! We assess, sort, declutter, clean and organize your barn

  • Scrubbing feed/water buckets & troughs

  • Blow out aisle ways

  • Feed/Tack room cleaning/organization

  • Tack Cleaning

  • Remove Cobwebs and more!

$50.00  per hour


Barn Deep Cleaning

With our deep cleaning service, two of our team member will come out to your barn for a deep cleaning to make your barn feel new again. This includes:

  • Scrubbing and wipe down of barn and stall walls.

  • Striping stalls and/or replace bedding

  • Cleaning of Feed, Tack and Bathroom

  • Barn Aisle cleaning and blow out.

$75.00  per hour