Barn Maid

Stall Cleaning Service


Base Price $50.00

Includes up to three stalls

We know having a clean stall is more than just keeping things pleasant for you and your horse. Schedule weekly, bi-weekly or as often as needed to keep your barn looking and smelling fresh.

  • Flip Stalls

  • Picking Stalls

  • Sweeping

  • Replenish Shavings

  • Dumping waste

  • Barn Blow out

$10.00 each additional stall

Initial Barn Cleaning


Hourly Service

Our initial barn cleaning service is a full deep cleaning to get your barn back into shape. Three of our team members will come out to your barn for a deep cleaning to make your barn feel new again. This includes:

  • Scrubbing and wipe down of barn and stall walls.

  • Striping stalls and/or replace bedding

  • Cleaning of Feed, Tack and Bathroom

  • Barn Aisle cleaning and blow out.

  • Scrubbing feed/water buckets & troughs

  • Tack Cleaning

  • Remove Cobwebs and more!

$150.00  per hour

Barn Maintenance


Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly

After our initial barn cleaning service, schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning for your barn to keep it in top shape.

Weekly: $45.00 per stall/room

Bi-Weekly: $65.00 per stall/room

Monthly: $85.00 per stall/room

We access, sort, declutter, clean and organize for continued maintenance of dust, cobwebs, an any necessary cleaning needed for your barn to stay in top shape.

Valid until 90 days after initial cleaning.

Price Varies

Pasture Cleaning


Hourly Service

A clean paddock makes for a healthy field and a happy horse! Cleaning manure from pastures accomplishes several important things:


  • It reduces internal parasite contamination; 

  • It eliminates breeding habitats for flies; and, 

  • It minimizes adverse effects on water sources from drainage across a manure-ridden pasture.

Being selective grazers, your horse tends to avoid grazing grass that has been contaminated with manure. This means that not only is your pasture dirty, but your horse has fewer grassy areas to graze. Schedule today, weekly, bi-weekly or as often as needed.

$50.00 per hour

Barn Maid


Hourly Service



Our barn maid service is an hourly service tailored for specific cleaning needed in individual areas. Two of our team members will come out to work on the task at hand. 

Any tasks you need cleaned we can help!

$85.00 per hour