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*Servicing Orange and Seminole County any other Counties are subject to out-of-service area fees



We travel to you, offering private lessons on your horse.

Lesson for Kids

Private Lesson $45.00 ~ additional $15.00 per child for group.

For beginner riders, must be between the ages of 5 and 12 years of age. Lesson includes basic horse care on how to properly groom the horse, the importance of safety, and handling of horse. As well as in saddle riding, working on posture and getting comfortable with your horse. You will develop a great basis for becoming a great rider and horse owner. 

Lessons for Adults

Private Lesson $65.00 ~ additional $15.00 per adult for group.

For beginner to intermediate riders who want to build a better partnership in the saddle with their horse as well as develop better riding skills for pleasure riding. These lessons are to build a better foundation to give you the ability to pursue a more specialized riding discipline.

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