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*Grooming included in all services

curry comb, body brush, hoof picked, main/tail comb, and rinse off.

Equine Exercise

Ground Work

30 minutes per horse

​Free lunge or lunging on a lunge line are great exercise techniques if you prefer your horse not to be ridden.

Note: Equibands & other equipment provided by client. 

Some benefits of lunging include:

  • Repetitive muscle building exercises.

  • Help green horses to learn to keep their own balance.

  • Develops obedience to voice commands and body language.

  • Provides controlled exercise.​

Service for one horses $40.00


$35.00 each additional

In Saddle Riding

Includes tack up & groom 45-60 minute session

Walk/Trot/Canter in saddle in either English or Western riding styles.

Exercise Options

  • Jumping, up to 3" course

  • Flat Work

  • Trail Riding Walk/Trot/Canter in Trails

  • Basic Dressage Collection/Bend/ Transitions/Half Pass

  • Barrels/Clover Leaf Pattern

Schedule a free consultation for our riders to come out for you to evaluate if they would be a good fit for your horse.

$45.00   per horse


Includes groom 45-60 minute session

Five to six sessions  per week, starting with walk trot transitions and with a focus on lifting back and shoulder to correct their carriage. 


Along with the trot conditioning we do ground pole variations focused on stride, stretching and carriage correction. 

Session format

  • Stretching & carriage correction

  • Skill development; ground poles & grid

  • Cool down and stretching 

Service for one horse

$360.00   weekly

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