*Grooming included in all services

curry comb, body brush, hoof picked, main/tail comb, and rinse off.

Equine Exercise

Ground Work

30-40 minutes per horse

​Free lunge or lunging on a lunge line are great exercise techniques if you prefer your horse not to be ridden.

Some benefits of lunging include:

  • Repetitive muscle building exercises.

  • Help green horses to learn to keep their own balance.

  • Develops obedience to voice commands and body language.

  • Provides controlled exercise.

Service for one horses $35.00

$30.00 per horse

In Saddle Riding

Includes tack up & groom 45-60 minute session

Walk/Trot/Canter in saddle in either English or Western riding styles.

Exercise Options

  • Jumping, up to 3" course

  • Flat Work

  • Trail Riding Walk/Trot/Canter in Trails

  • Basic Dressage Collection/Bend/ Transitions/Half Pass

  • Barrels/Clover Leaf Pattern

$45.00   per horse

Is your horse a pasture pet or over weight? We travel to you, offering quality exercise for your horse walk, trot, canter and more.

Featured Video

Part one of this video explores the physiological consequences of riding "behind the vertical" (hyperflexion) as well as anatomical damage as a result of riding with a hollow back.

Part two demonstrates how to start to bring a horse into a relaxed self carriage by teaching the horse to be in both vertical and horizontal balance

Recommend Informational Videos:

Proper engagement of the horse's core can help avoid painful back issues such as "Kissing Spine."

What to look for when a horse is engaged through its core, effectively using its hind end, and raising its back.

Poor saddle fit can cause pain, sheer cartilage from the shoulder blade, cause spinal subluxation and unwanted behaviors.

Equine nutritionist, Clair Thunes, PhD, talks about the critical role of correct amino acid profiles when building muscles and gives advice on how to determine if your horse is getting what it needs to have a beautiful topline.