Horse Grooming

*Servicing Orange and Seminole County any other Counties are subject to out-of-service area fees

Basic Grooming

20 minutes per horse

Our grooming service gives your horse some extra pampering and attention. Schedule grooming sessions weekly, bi-weekly or as often as needed.


  • Curry and body brushing

  • Mane and tail brushing

  • Hoof's picked

  • Fly spray

  • Bathing if needed or requested

Service for one horses $35.00

$20.00 per horse

Add-On Services

Per Horse

Here are some additional grooming services we can provide your horse while performing our basic grooming:


  • Mane Pulling $25.00

  • Trimming $20.00

  • Clipping of face/ears $30.00

  • Bath before Full Body Clip $30.00

Price  per Horse

Nurse & Care Service

Add-on Service or Farm Call $35.00 

​Our nurse and care service can help manage any on-going treatment your horse needs that you may not have time to treat.

  • Medicated baths

  • Hoof treatments 

  • Leg Wraps

  • Eye Drops

  • Deworming

  • Wound Cleaning / Summer Sores


Price based on extent of care and horses temperament 

Price Varies

Body Clipping

Full Clip

$150.00 - $190.00

For this 1-2 hour service, all the coat is removed, including the legs, head and ears. This clip leaves the horse with no protection or warmth so requires careful stable management to ensure the horse does not get cold or suffer other ailments, such as rain scald or mud fever. Price varies based on horse's size and temperament.

Blanket Clip


A popular clip for horses in medium to hard work. Hair is clipped from the head, neck, and flanks but is left intact on the back, hind end and legs.

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