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Horse Grooming

*Servicing Orange and Seminole County any other Counties are subject to out-of-service area fees

Body Clipping

Bath Required Before Clip

We offer Full & Partial Body Clips

  • Draft (16.3hh++) .......................$190.00 

  • Average Sized Horse ..................$170.00

  • Pony (14.2hh or less) .................$150.00

  • Mini Horse (8hh or less)............$120.00

Bathing: Bath is required before clip. If you would like us to bathe and prep your horse before the clip it is $40.00

If you prefer to bath, please ensure all dirt is removed from coat and Magic Sheen is applied to coat. Once dry okay for turn-out.


$30.00 Blade Replacement fee if horse is dirty 

$45.00 Difficult Clipper Fee per additional hour if 3 hours or longer

Basic Grooming

20 minutes per horse


Our grooming service gives your horse some extra pampering and attention. Schedule grooming sessions weekly, bi-weekly or as often as needed.


  • Curry and body brushing

  • Mane and tail brushing

  • Hoof's picked

  • Fly spray

  • Body check/look over for wounds etc.

Add-on's $5.00 tack up fee

Service for one horses $35.00

$25.00 per horse


30 to 45 minutes per horse


Our detailed bathing service will keep your horses coat clean and healthy. We recommend monthly or bi-monthly depending on your horses needs.


  • Light brush down 

  • Lather of body, mane & tail

  • Full rinse

  • Removal of excess water

  • Additional product application such as show sheen, detangler, etc

  • Bush down & Fly spray

Service for one horses $45.00

$35.00 per horse


"just because" or Show Ready

IMG_7834 2.HEIC

Braiding your horses mane not only looks great but also has its benefits. It not only prevents tangles and knots but can also preserve the health and cleanliness of their hair.

$30.00    Reg. pigtail braids 

$90.00    Button Braids | Dressage or Jumper

$60.00    French running braids 

$90.00    Double mane french running braids 

$130.00  Dressage Medallions a/k/a Dutch Scallop

Priced Per Horse

Price Varies 

Show Groom

à la carte

Have an enjoyable time at the show grounds with the help of our show groom services. We offer any and all services you'd need before, during and after.

  • Transport to and from show grounds

  • Stall set-up, cleaning and stripping 

  • Feeding, Watering & Monitoring intake

  • Grooming & Tack up

  • Hand-Walking 

  • Clipping & Braiding

  • and more!!

We offer à la carte options or flat fee packages depending on your needs at the show grounds. See our package options:

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