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Meet Our Team


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Rebecca Rodriguez


​I have been working with horses for over 15 years, in the discipline of English and Western Pleasure. In 2009 I received my first horse Rosie and through the years, as Rosie got older I began to explore other Equestrian facilities, and began working with other trainers. I received schooling in Dressage, riding on level 3 horses, and working on jumping with highly athletic horses. In October 2015, Rosie passed away at the age of 22. Her loss was sudden, and her life will never be forgotten. Now I continue to work in the Equine Industry, having established Rebecca's Equine Service in 2016. I enjoy the ability to meet and care for a wide range of horses.


Tiffany Coyman

Certified Lesson Instructor, Horse Sitter & Groom

Tiffany is an Equine Specialist. Her specialty is working with a licensed mental health psychologist providing safe equine assisted exercises for individuals seeking to improve their lives.  She also is a Certified CHA Riding Instructor. She has been an equestrian for 20 + years with experience in the running her own horse farm and the managing of horse boarding facilities. Tiffany currently lives in Oviedo, Florida with her husband, son and daughter. Tiffany’s other professional training includes Certified Medical Transcription/Editing Language Specialist, Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Technician and Registered Chiropractic Assistant.


Danielle LeMieux

Horse Sitter, Exerciser & Groom

“Danielle has been working with horses for 15+ years and during her teenage years, obtained her first sport horse. With her little thoroughbred mare, she went to jumper shows in Orlando and to HSITP in Ocala. Eventually, the need for speed sizzled out and she shifted to lower level dressage. Danielle is fortunate to be involved with the dressage community in Orlando, constantly furthering her education. She currently owns a quarter horse that will be started on barrels and a thoroughbred who is a dressage prospect but has previously focused on horses with an array of behavioral issues. Bonus Fact: Danielle was a performer/trainer with domestics and exotics at SeaWorld


Juliana Centella

Horse Sitter & Exerciser

I have been riding horses for 10+ years in New Port Richey, FL. Although I never got into showing, I specialized in western pleasure riding and took to the trails most days. With a little bit of time and patience I learned how to ride bareback and bridle-less on my horse Bindi. I spent most days at my barn taking care of 13 horses and a variety of other farm animals such as goats, cows, chickens, and more. I was taught how to recognize illnesses and injuries in horses, especially colic, and how to determine a horse’s vitals. I was also taught how to provide medications IM and Subcutaneous as well. When I was about 18 I started working at my local vet’s office and assisted in taking vitals, restraint, and providing medications. I loved the animal hospital scene, but a part of me is eager to get back to my roots working with large animals. I am so excited to be a part of the team. 


Darian Croson

Trainer, Exerciser & Certified Equine Massage

Howdy! I’ve been riding barrels, poles and gymkhana for over 12 years  I also rode with CGA California Gymkhana Association. Worked under a trainer for many years where I was able to help and work with  starting young green horses. I've also worked as a groom at hunter jumper barns and also started ranch sitting and exercising horses on my own while I lived in California. I love to continue my education in the equine world, with over 50 hours of schooling I more recently received my certification as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist in 2021.

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Krista Harroff

Horse Sitter, Groom & Exerciser

Hi, I’m from Northern Indiana and grew up on a horse farm. I started Dressage lessons when I was 10 years old, and with my very first lesson my trainer said I had a natural talent. I entered a lot of shows in my younger years of riding and won grand champion, first place ribbons, and trophies. My highest accomplishments was with my horse Gallant. I started him from the bottom up and were receiving scores in the 70’s/80’s. I also worked with horses with specific problems, to help get them to respond and become better partners for their owners. Riding and training is my true passion. I recently moved to Florida in August of 2020 and look forward to being apart of the horse community here!


Tabatha Sellers

Horse Sitter & Exerciser

Hello, my name is Tabatha! I have over 20+ years of equine experience riding and competing in both English and Western. I come from a family who before me also both rode and competed, so a passion for horses runs blood deep. I have had many opportunities to ride with different trainers and with horses I believe learning never ends. As a kid I spent my summers in different horse camps and lived in the Auburn University barn. Over recent years I have found enjoyment in barrel racing and I currently own 3 beautiful mares, I might be biased. I have many years experience of handling and helping others with their horses. I find peace in slow work and in return I enjoy seeing the puzzle pieces click for everyone involved. I have extensive experience of wrapping legs and tending to wounds. I am knowledgeable with both IV and IM drug administration. Because of my medical background I am familiar with dosage and different medications. It is a blessing to be able to tend to those who need me most. I believe it is our duty to give them the very best. I find myself drawn to the misunderstood ones the most and enjoy being patient while gaining their trust. I enjoy meeting new and old faces while creating bonds with horses that I am both blessed and privileged to handle. Each day is a new day filled with new opportunities and I look forward to meeting you and your four legged children. 


Alyssa Horwitz

Horse Sitter & Exerciser

Hi! I am so happy to have joined this team, I have loved horses and animals in general for as long as I can remember. Being from Tampa, FL it was hard to find opportunities to be around and learn about horses. I grew up going to horse camps and would use any excuse or take any opportunity I could to be around horses. In 7th grade I started volunteering at nonprofit rescues and instantly fell in love. I have been with a couple non profits since then and have continued to learn so much about animals. I am so excited to be able to apply what I know, and learn, by taking care of your animals, and from coworkers on the team!


Becca Pete

Horse Sitter 

I grew up in Northern Illinois as a horse obsessed kid without a horse, so I've had to slowly work my way into the world. I started visiting my aunt and uncle in Georgia when I was 12 years old. My aunts friend would let me borrow their horse every time I visited which was every break I had from school until I was 18. I was taught by my cowboy uncle how to saddle up and ride and frequently rode alone in the foothills. When I was home in IL I volunteered at a therapeutic riding center as often as possible which gave me more opportunity to be around horses and I sometimes got to ride. After high school I was fortunate enough to spend some time in England where I cared for a few horses, was taught to ride English style, rode alone in the country and through small towns. Since 2015 I have mainly been a harness racehorse groom. I gained a lot of experience driving horses and have around 2,500 miles of driving under my belt! Besides horses, I have spent a ton of time working with dogs and have experience caring for a wide range of other farm animals and exotic animals.


Aria Eisel

Horse Sitter & Exerciser

Hey y’all! I grew up here in the horse capital of the world on my family’s racehorse farm. I’ve been in the saddle since I was about 4 years old, when my mom, who’s a 3X National Dressage Champion and judge, would throw me up on a 18 hand horse with her :) I ride dressage and hunter jumper. My mom and I realized we needed a friend to be with us on the farm all day and be functional in the Florida heat, so we started showing Olde English Bulldogs! I was apart of FFA as well. I continue to show cattle today. I’m hoping to continue my career down an agriculture and equine path in the near future! I am so excited to be apart of this team!


Sofia Belettati

Horse Sitter 

Hi! I grew up in Italy and just recently moved back to the states, I started taking riding lessons at the age of 8, over the next couple of years I spent more and more time at the stable and eventually become an assistant there.

I have experience riding both english and western disciplines . I have always loved animals, I’m really exited to be part of this team and to travel around the Orlando area to take care of your wonderful pets.


Alexandra Varveris

Horse Sitter, Exerciser & Groom

I began riding at the age of three in Naples, FL in the saddleseat, huntseat equitation, and dressage disciplines. Here I developed a strong seat and learned about proper equitation, balance, and engagement. At 13 I transitioned into the hunter jumper circuit and there my passion ignited. I have also been lucky enough to work with top natural horsemen and women, where I have learned the importance of proper connection, groundwork, and patience. A recent graduate from the University of Central Florida, I earned my degree in Business Administration and Management which I plan to utilize to further my understanding in my Equine career. I also am beginning the first steps in earning my Equine Myo-Manipulative and Craniosacral Therapy Certifications. My love for horses has introduced me to some of my best friends, and I look forward to working with and meeting new horses and fellow equine enthusiasts!

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