Meet Our Team

Rebecca's Equine Exercise Service's mission is to enrich the relationship between you and your horse companion in any way we can. With our team at your service, we make owning a horse less work for you! When you hire our professional service, we guarantee quality and worry free care. Whether you need weekly stall cleaning, grooming or are going out of town, we will give your pets the best love and care while you are away.



Rebecca Rodriguez


​I have been working with horses for over 15 years, in the discipline of English and Western Pleasure. In 2009 I received my first horse Rosie and through the years, as Rosie got older I began to explore other Equestrian facilities, and began working with other trainers. I received schooling in Dressage, riding on level 3 horses, and working on jumping with highly athletic horses. In October 2015, Rosie passed away at the age of 22. Her loss was sudden, and her life will never be forgotten. Now I continue to work in the Equine Industry, having established Rebecca's Equine Service in 2016. I enjoy the ability to meet and care for a wide range of horses.


Tiffany Coyman

Certified Lesson Instructor & Horse Sitter

Tiffany is an Equine Specialist. Her specialty is working with a licensed mental health psychologist providing safe equine assisted exercises for individuals seeking to improve their lives.  She also is a Certified CHA Riding Instructor. She has been an equestrian for 20 + years with experience in the running her own horse farm and the managing of horse boarding facilities. Tiffany currently lives in Oviedo, Florida with her husband, son and daughter. Tiffany’s other professional training includes Certified Medical Transcription/Editing Language Specialist, Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Technician and Registered Chiropractic Assistant.

Amy Eger

Trainer & Horse Sitter

Amy has been working with and around horses for over 20 years. Starting at age 5 she was active in her community 4-H until she graduated high school. Amy rides multiple disciplines from Hunter Jumper, Western Pleasure, Barrel Racing, Entry level Dressage and Ranch Riding. Her horse Eddie is an 11 year old OTTB. He raced very successfully in Central America until he was 5 years old when her family bought him off the track in Ocala. Whether it be ground work, cleaning stalls or jumping, she plans to be working with horses for as long as she is able to.

Julia Kalambakal

Horse Sitter & Exerciser

Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada made it challenging for me to ever have a horse of my own. I remember in my younger years begging my parents to buy me equine anatomy books and staying up until the early hours of the morning studying every aspect of a horse. When I was 14 years old we moved to Virginia where I met Tango. He was an OTTB with very little knowledge in English pleasure and going over fences.  On top of all that he was a VERY hard keeper. Between the riding and falling I was learning. Tango was learning, as well. I completed 4 years of 4-H competing in Hunter Jumpers with my Tango. I began my official animal career in Veterinary Medicine (small animal & exotics) for almost 6 years. Learning both Traditional and Conventional medicine, I am able to give IV injections, treat and identify medical abnormalities. I assisted in many surgeries and was extremely fortunate enough to do some extended education at Cornell University. 

Everson Weber

Horse Sitter & Exerciser

Everson has 15 years of horse experience, with her first horses both being Arabian mares. She was a show groom for about 3 years, attending hunter/jumper classes in Ohio, Michigan, and New York. She has also done hunters, jumpers, trail riding, cross country, obstacle courses, even swimming in the ocean on horseback.

Tessa Voorhees

Horse Sitter & Exerciser

Tessa has always loved working with horses and farm animals. She has fond memories of spending time with her grandparents’ miniature horses and taking horseback riding lessons when she was younger. After finishing a degree in health sciences at UCF, she happily decided to become more involved with horses again and began volunteering at CHAPS (Center for Horsemanship and Personal Development) where she volunteers as a horse handler during lessons for people of various cognitive, verbal, and physical abilities. She enjoys exercising and schooling the lesson horses at CHAPS as well. She has also been working at a dressage training barn caring for the horses. She is in a master’s program studying social work with the goal of becoming an equine-assisted therapist. Horses have so much to teach us as we interact with them. She is happy to consider herself a lifelong learner. Just as no two people are alike — no two horses are alike, and each has their own story to tell.

Victoria Baker

Horse Sitter & Exerciser 

Hi! My name is Victoria and I have always had a deep love for animals, horses especially. I am 19 years old and have been blessed with being able to work with horses for the past five and a half years. In my spare time I volunteer as a horse handler at CHAPS, where I also enjoy taking lessons as well. Working with animals has always been a passion of mine and I plan to pursue a veterinary technician certification/degree in the near future. I want to continue to work with these amazing animals for as long as possible.


Alexandra Meza

Horse Sitter

​Alexandra's love and passion for animals started ever since she was a little girl. Rescuing stray dogs from the streets or buying food for stray cats was a natural choice for her. When she moved to United States her first job was at a farm in Geneva, where she met three gorgeous horses.  She fed them, cleaned their stalls, and learned about their unique behaviors and personalities. Through all these years she started to work at different pet hospitals where she also learned about veterinary medicine, and now she has great experience in the medical care of dogs and cats. For Alexandra there is no greater gift than the love of a pet, and even though she has a degree in the film & video field, her passion to work with animals never stopped - only continues to grow up. Each pet she meets, becomes her new best friend, and she really enjoys sharing and learn about their stories and able to meet their owners as well.


Debbie Mulligan

Horse Sitter

Debbie spent many of her younger years with horses.  She took lessons, cleaned stalls at the stable in her neighborhood, rode in parades and was actively involved in 4H.  At the age of 13, she finally became the owner of her own horse, an amazing Arabian gelding named Kai Royal.  Kai became ill some years later and had to be put down.  As Debbie went off to college and became a wife and mother, her passion for horses never went away.  She currently works at a law firm and eagerly looks forward to her time away from the office when she can spend time with these beautiful creatures.  At home, she lives with her husband, her 19-year-old son and her rescue dog, Abby.