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Sire: Tapiture

Dam: Awesome Lassie By Awesome Again

Foaled April 30th 2019



Red Chestnut



A Bit About Mahogany 

I think this could possibly be the sweetest horse we’ve ever met, this horse genuinely can’t seem to put a hoof out of place. This mare will heal all of your childhood pony trauma with one hug, truly. 

“Awesome Tap” (Darn you breeders for that JC name) is a 2019 model at 15.2HH  with only 14 starts. She came to us undecorated (no track jewelry) and has been slowly restarted. After some much-needed therapy (human or horse? Your guess!) we’ve got her w/t/c under-saddle and some other basics such as grid work and x-rails. Mahogany’s a very attentive girl so she prefers a thinner bit (like a lvl 1 Myler) or hackamores for means of communication along with verbal cues. Mahogany is showing scope for AT LEAST .95m and only time will tell how far her big heart will take her. I know most look for 16.3HH+ but the real ones know how fun the smaller ones are and just how versatile they can be.


Mahogany is incredibly handy and answers every single request you make, no matter how silly. Heck, my mounting block crumpled under me and she simply stared at me wondering why I was under her. Her barn manners are unmatched and she’ll come when called. Mahogany loves everyone in the herd and will allow them all to trample her if they so desire. Attention is attention man! I desperately want a junior to snag this girl who is under a professional’s program because she is just a complete love bug with infinite patience.


The price that truly reflects her personality is mid-5’s but realistically, we know high 4’s won’t get us checked into an asylum. (Shipping can be arranged).

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